You are Beautiful, nobody should tell you otherwise.

Beautiful is not a word i use loosely. Why? because i have spent most my life thinking, i am not beautiful, thinking i am not what it takes for people let alone a man to like me.Thinking that everyone else around me is more beautiful than i am. I have always put someone’s beauty as the standard unit for beauty, little did i know that i was weighing myself down, not to mention selling myself short. I had always wanted to be ‘that girl’, the girl that turns heads when i walk down the hall or at the cafeteria. All this time i was focusing on my imperfections and not looking on the brighter side. So today,i stand tall and beautiful and believing that i am beautiful no matter anyone’s opinion. I got done gauging my beauty depending on the number of boys who approach, who BTW never used to approach me because apparently i had an attitude, which is NOT true. I am the friendliest person you are probably ever going to meet. Anyway, this is for you beautiful girl, don’t let anyone put you down, i am going to give you quite a number of reasons why you are beautiful and why this weekend you should wake up, dress up, put on some lipstick and walk out your door ready to take on the world.

First,To me, beauty is a celebration of everything in our lives—even the stuff that we shove deep down in hopes of never seeing that “ugliness” again.

So, You are beautiful when you are afraid to do something, and you do it anyway. 

If you can string words together into a sentence, and you’re brave enough to let someone else read it, that’s beautiful.

Beauty is putting paint on canvas, or strumming a guitar, or capturing a stunning moment in a picture, or dancing with your eyes closed.

You are beautiful because you have accepted all your scars and now carry them proudly like a trophy that’s insanely beautiful.

Beauty is laughing so hard your stomach hurts and you’re yelling, “Stop! Seriously, I’m peeing!” Yes. Peeing your pants can be beautiful.

Beauty is calling someone out for saying something hurtful, even if you weren’t the one getting hurt.

You are beautiful because you walked out of a toxic relationship.

You are beautiful because you haven’t let your past define you, as cliche’ as it sounds, that right there is beauty in it’s best definition.

When i was younger i hated my legs because the were long, my grandma kept telling me how beautiful they are and how i got her legs but i didn’t see the point, now i do. Your legs are beautiful, show them off as much as you can.

You are beautiful because you are intelligent.

You are compassionate and that on it’s own is beautiful.

Beauty is wearing an outfit so fierce that when people compliment you on it you say, “I know, right?” and then, “Oh, I mean, thank you.”

You are strongly opinionated and that makes you more beautiful.

You respect other people’s opinion and listen to them, i find that quite beautiful.

Beauty is digging your bare feet into the sand.

You are beautiful because you know when to ask for help and when to say “I’m sorry”

Most importantly you are beautiful because you are happy, happiness is beautiful.

I could go on and on but i hope these few pointers make you feel good about yourself and be comfortable in your skin.

Until next time,

Be well, remain beautiful and keep slaying.

You are beautiful no matter what. You don’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.

Love ‘n’ Love

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28 thoughts on “You are Beautiful, nobody should tell you otherwise.”

  1. I think the idea of beauty changes slightly with years. For me nothing can be more beautiful than a girl walking down the street with her eyes full of joy and rocking that ‘life’s good’ outfit. Beautiful!

  2. Beauty is what it is, and it’s a complicated creature. For years I didn’t think I was beautiful for the same reason, no one came up to me. As it turns out, people thought I was unapproachable. I was aloof, and everyone felt I was out of their league. I was intimidating, something I never expected to be. I couldn’t imagine how timid little me would be intimidating. As it turns out, I was intimidating because I WAS timid and shy! Who would have guessed. It’s funny how life works out that way sometimes.


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