Your Commitment Is the Key

I was at the bank some time ago, and I’m standing in line. It’s a Friday afternoon so the line was rather long and so was the wait. Pretty soon some people couldn’t wait any longer and they started to leave. I noticed my place in line moved up significantly. Now I didn’t have to wait as long! I do not know the reason they left. Perhaps they felt uncomfortable standing in line for a long time, or were simply being impatient. There’s something exposing about staying in one place too long and I think some people let that fear walk them right out the door. Most of us will also give up when we do not get what we want easily. You have to be committed to get the things you want in life. I was committed to stay in line at the bank because I had rent to pay! I have learned to have patience in many situations in my life. I had to stay in line, so time and my anxiety was of no factor to me when it came to keeping a roof over my head.


Its easy to become discouraged when you see others around you who are trying to accomplish similar goals but give up when the pay off isn’t immediate. Just like me in line at the bank, you have to stand your ground and commit! The determination will override the sense of urgency and worry. You have to accomplish that goal no matter what. Who cares if people fall out of line ahead of you, that just increases your chances of success! Everybody wants the best out of life but when many of us discover that its hard and the reward isn’t quick we give up. Notice I say many of us. That’s why you must stand out and be determined about your dreams. Have you ever applied for a job and were rejected? I’ve applied for the same position for a job multiple times, and went to the interview on two separate occasions. At first I thought it too humiliating to try and apply again to the same job that I was turned down from.  I could not allow that one or even two failures to stop me from pursuing my goals though. My determination to get that job became bigger than my worries. I was committed to work for this company. I looked at my failed attempts and adjusted my approach until eventually I was hired. If you want something bad enough it will not matter how many times you fail. I know it may seem embarrassing to walk into a place knowing they didn’t want you, but who cares what they think! You aren’t doing it for them, you’re doing it for you! When you become committed you stand out amongst the crowd. Now I always include into my cover letters that I am a determined individual. During the interview for my current occupation I was offered the job on the spot. job-interview-437026_1280The hiring manager told me, he did not hire me for my experience or education, he said he hired me because of my personality. I do not give up easily when I am faced with a challenge. I will exhaust all resources to get the results I want, and I conveyed that at this interview. At this present time, there are a lot of people out there with college degrees and certifications. The job market now is very competitive. In order for you to stand out amongst the crowd, you must be determined. Your education or credentials alone will not guarantee you that job you want. These companies are looking for committed individuals!

You must ask yourself, am I getting what I want out of life. The people who get what they want never accept no as an answer. You must be unreasonable. I will warn you though, the things in life that are worth having take time. Patience is a key aspect of commitment. Standing in line is a commitment and demands patience. Relationships are also a commitment and they too demand your patience. Many of us rush into relationships anticipating them to be like fairy tale stories. The couples that have lasting emotional bonds argue and disagree. We know that dealing with our own emotions is tough enough but dealing with someone else can seem twice as hard. The relationships that survive through the worst of times are comprised of two committed individuals. These individuals have made a promise within themselves and to each other that they aren’t going to quit, no matter how bad it gets. I am blessed to be with someone that was committed to helping me conquer my anxiety. Seeing through the challenges of life with that someone by your side creates love that cannot be compromised. In turn you also learn to love yourself.

What things in your life are you committed to? Makes a list of some things that you just will not compromise on and read it everyday. I am committed to always being kind and courteous to every living creature on this planet. I am committed to being a healthy and positive individual. I am determined to use my abilities and skills to assist others in finding their own greatness. We always hear that morality is doing what is right. I think morality can be thought of as a by-product of commitment. If one is focused on cynicism, worry, anger, and fear than their morals will be a reflection of that negativity. On the other hand, if one is determined to be optimistic, compassionate, and confident than their morality will be more positive. You don’t get in life what you want, you get in life what you are. If you’re ready to be your greatest, if you’re ready to be successful, than you must commit. Commit to spreading love and compassion to those that are persecuted. Commit to understanding the things which you do not know. Make a commitment to yourself, that you’re not going to let worry or fear stand in your way. Your determination will override your doubt. Do not let fear or worry stand in the way of your dreams. Commit to being your greatest. You deserve it!



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