We all complain. Even if you argue that you are the happiest person in the world, you still complain sometimes.

Sometimes we complain without even realizing it, but rarely is it ever helpful. Sure, a common complaint can bond two people who may have nothing in common, but too much complaining would just break down the relationship.

It’s easier to complain instead of fixing a problem, like quitting a job or having a talk with someone. But I find that when you put your mind toward a more positive outlook and force yourself to end complaining, it is possible!

Let share your tips to stop complaining and ditch the negative thoughts to focus on finding solutions.


Example headline:

[Number] Ways to Complain Less and Be Happier


Writing Tip:

Have fun!

Blogging is like working out. If you avoid it and have a bad attitude, blogging becomes like a chore you never want to finish. However, if you have a good attitude and realize that blogging is not a life-or-death exercise, you’ll have fun and look forward to blogging every day!

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On Writing Well: How to Become a Better Blog Writer in 30 Days

On Writing Well How to Become a Better Blog Writer in 30 Days

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