Little lady (who is 3 years old) has this habit of walking up to me, or her dad or brother and just shoving things into our mouths. So when she is eating something and thinks its nice and that we should taste it then she wont ask us, she will just shove it in our mouths. Or if its something she doesn’t like and has changed her mind about it, shove you get a mouth full of… food/cat hair/ sand/ saliva/ snot… bleh She does it when you least expect it, when you are watching TV or when you turn towards her before its too late to dodge it.

I’m sure I’ve eaten a handful of sand and cat hair in the last 3 years attached to soggy biscuits, chewed pieces of cheese and chips.

I was laying in bed at 6am on Saturday morning and little lady who was already awake, of course she was awake at stupid O’ Clock, shoved something in my mouth, I just kinda chewed. My brain wasn’t really awake yet so I think I tasted salt, but then I don’t really know. It was a biscuit of some sort but was a little bit iffy to be something we would buy to eat. But it was biscuity (if that’s a word) and the only thing I can think it could have been was one of those fiber pellets for the parrot. So I’m hoping and asking my stars it was parrot food and not rat poison or something… haha. I was too sleepy to realize what had happened until after I had already swallowed the thing.. Well time will tell. I’m sure if it was rat poison Id be dead by now right or at least feeling a little sick?



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