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Grandson is the son of a your son or daughter. Profoundly inspirational grandson quotes will get you through anything when the going gets tough and help you succeed in every aspect of life.

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Famous Grandson Quotes

And then there’s my Grandson: He’s certainly got the music together, there’s just no question about it. — Cab Calloway

He was a strong family man who loved his wife and son dearly. He believed that family was important. It was obvious to me how much his grandkids and kids respected him. His oldest grandson is 35 and they had great respect for their grandfather. — Clayton Downing

He just had a birthday party. His grandchildren spoke and his grandson said how much he has impacted him, especially his business sense. — Susan Tucker

One of the first places that they flew me to after the hurricane was San Antonio. I was separated from my wife, and I was looking for her. It just so happened that my stepson and my grandson were in the same place getting their medicine. And they were looking for me and told me that my wife was in Plano, safe. — Robert Brown

Everyone’s safe. She had just taken my grandson to a ski trip. He’s going up to Jack Frost Mountain, so he knows nothing about it right now. My granddaughter was with her. They’re all safe. The dog is out, he’s safe too. — Don Burns

My little grandson just loves that little shallow area there. — Councilman Lopez

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A lot of people do come here for lobster. My four brothers, they all lobster . . . along with my dad, my two nephews, my grandson and a couple of friends. — Ann Miller

I had fun with it, I’ve been called everything from his grandson to his great-nephew. — Ivan Allen

I wonder what it means when your grandson is more crotchety than you are. — Aaron McGruder

We, by our arts may be called the grandsons of God. — Leonardo da Vinci

My grandson and my daughter will have a legacy that far outlives our lifetimes. — Roger Parker

What advice do I tell my grandson? I listen to him. — Roy Haynes

I heard him say he has a grandson coming up here. — Jim Cook

If you have a new son or grandson in 2006, name him Tony. — Warren Buffett

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Rick Santorum is the grandson of a coal miner. His dad was the manager of a V.A. hospital. — Foster Friess

Contrary to what you might assume, I didn’t start with any advantages and neither did most of the successful people I know. I am the grandson of immigrants who came to this country seeking basic economic and personal liberty. — Kenneth Langone

I will say, I’m a great, great, great grandson of Stephen F. Austin. He founded Austin, Texas, which is kind of cool. — Jesse Plemons

Back in the 1500s, the culture that we had built in the West embraced multigenerational projects quite easily. Notre Dame. Massive cathedrals were not built over the course of a few years, they were built over a few generations. People who started building them knew they wouldn’t be finished until their grandson was born. — Jamais Cascio

I feel bad for my grandson who had to see his pet shot. After the first shot (which injured the animal), I’m not sure why (Sparks) continued to chase the dog through the yard and shoot. — Tom Hall

The whole consideration of – … am I being compared as such and such’s grandson and son – that was minuscule compared to the problems I was having just working… I didn’t have time to start worrying about who I was in the eyes of the public. — Jamie Wyeth

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He called me grandpa. He was my grandson and everything. I’d been taking care of him for five months. Well, during that five months, him being here alone, I’d let his friends come over on the weekends. — Steve Freeman

I would consider selling the whole company; I wouldn’t like to sell just part of it, but on the other hand, I have a grandson intent on following my footsteps and another grandson in another couple of years. — Harry Triguboff

Today, I cannot fight you anymore, but my grandson will and his grandsons, too. — Abu Daoud

Well, my grandson can run a computer and do all sorts of things and he’s black, he isn’t dumb. — Sarah Price

Our family is going to make it. We’re stronger because of this, and Scott got what he deserved. We’re fortunate that we have this law that we have. It’s a double murder. He killed our grandson and our daughter. Every state should have it. — Ron Forman

The car we will offer will be aimed at young families who haven’t been able to afford a new car. There isn’t a positive image of Chinese products in the US now, but the grandson of this car will not be put out to US consumers until it has superior quality to its rivals. — John Harmer

I’m the person that I always was, but in terms of how I approach my living, I’m not the same person at all. At all. I’ve buried a child, I’ve ended a marriage, and the grandson that I was raising is now grown. My family has totally shifted. — Iyanla Vanzant

The issue is a father who wants his son home and grandparents who want their grandson home, and these are bonds that should be honored, — Janet Reno

My 4-year-old grandson (in Texas) keeps calling and saying he’s sitting on the steps waiting for me to come pick him up. It breaks my heart. — Mary Williams

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He raised his hand and said his plan was to have his 14-year-old grandson take it over. But he hadn’t asked his grandson. — Steve Schwartz

My grandson (Luke) told me that the Bears are going to beat the Jackets. — Roe Burns

A Native American grandfather talking to his young grandson tells the boy he has two wolves inside of him struggling with each other. The first is the wolf of peace, love and kindness. The other wolf is fear, greed and hatred. Which wolf will win, grandfather? asks the young boy. Whichever one I feed, is the reply. — Native Proverb

The accession to power in Pyongyang of Kim Jong Un, son of Kim Jong Il and grandson of Kim Il Sung, is a unique achievement in world politics. — Elliott Abrams

As a grandson of farmers in downstate Illinois, I have long admired the dedication of farmers to their work and have written about the role of agriculture in American innovation. — Edmund Phelps

I got concerned. I might have brought my grandson there. — Bill Jones

When my husband retired, my son took over. My son and grandson are still growing sugar beets. I even have a great grandson who has started farming. — George Green

It was refreshing to know that the grandson had decided to bury the hatchet. I can’t tell you how much I appreciated that. — Milo Hamilton

Don’t shed any tears. You think about this: Here I am, the grandson of a slave. And here the whole world was excited about whether I was going into the Hall of Fame or not. We’ve come a long ways. — Buck O’Neil

I sat with the grandson of Edgar Rice Burroughs at the world premiere of ‘Tarzan,’ and at the end of the film, he was very happy. He told me that we were bringing ‘Tarzan’ to a whole new generation, and he was very grateful. — Kevin Lima

We’ve been raising our grandson and granddaughter pretty much ever since they were born. It’s not how we pictured our retirement days would be like, but we wouldn’t change it for the world. They are our children. — Kay Smith

We got my 10-year-old grandson and headed outside barefoot in the 15-degree temperature. We got in the car and called the Fire Department back from my cell phone. — Dianne Jones

I’ve got one grandson gone to MIT. Another grandson had been in the American school here. Because he was dyslexic, and we then didn’t have the teachers to teach him how to overcome or cope with his dyslexia, so he was given exemption to go to the American school. He speaks like an American. He’s going to Wharton. — Lee Kuan Yew

I don’t know who my grandfather was; I’m much more concerned to know what his grandson will be. — Abraham Lincoln

The building has stood empty for a long period of time and there are now shards of glass everywhere. It could be someone like my 14-year-old grandson who gets hurt. I am sure somebody has the authority to go along and get it boarded up, I cannot understand it. — Alan Richardson

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