So little lady wakes up at stupid o clock every damn day! And when I say stupid o clock I mean 5.30am. Imagine being woken at 5.30am on Saturdays and Sundays too. During the week is fine as we are up already, but weekends too…

wp_ss_20170529_0002 (2)

So if we try to lie in bed just a little incie wincie bit longer than 5.30 frikkin am, this is what we wake up looking like..



Stickerfied!! Or/and with her finger in our noses, ears or belly buttons. Sigh…. She is 3, when can we sleep?


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  1. Craftyartistkc

    I love this because it is something I deal with on a daily basis. My daughter likes to come and inform me every morning that “The sun has come back!” as if she never expected to see it again. I love her… I so love her, but I really enjoy my sleep. Oh well, Maybe one day she will let me sleep in.