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It is from this place — this hooked feeling — that we find ourselves responding in less than ideal ways. These are the moments when we may speak with venom, act out, or completely shut down when faced with challenging situations.

It is only later when we’ve had the opportunity to calm down and reflect on our actions, that we wonder where we went wrong and how we could have chosen a more grounded response.

In 30 Days to Freedom, we examine and illuminate this nebulous process, clearly identifying where and when you have the opportunity to change your habitual response patterns. . . to choose something different. In this program, we personally walk you through the landscape of these internal thunderstorms and guide you through the tools to cultivate inner freedom.

What does it mean to be “hooked”?

Maybe it’s a comment from a friend about your new shirt or the dinner you just cooked. Maybe it’s a look, a glance from a stranger. But something about it sets you off. . .

  • Your jaw or stomach tightens
  • Irritation, frustration, or anger begins to arise out of nowhere
  • Time speeds up
  • Your mind begins to race
  • Thoughts about the offending action begin flooding your head — judgments, defenses, accusations…

Whatever you call it . . . You’re hooked.

How do you choose something different?

  • Develop a subtle awareness for what it actually feels like to be “hooked”
  • Learn how to recognize the feeling when it first arises and “catch it” quicker
  • Interrupt the momentum of your habitual responses by slowing down your reactions
  • Establish alternative forms of responding that come from an expansive sense of self-worth, rather than a constricted place of self-protection
  • Get the support you need to reinforce this change and make it a new and active part of your life

Are you ready to get unhooked?

Take this program and discover the tools needed to cultivate true inner freedom

What am I going to get from this program?

  • Achieve freedom from your habitual response patterns
  • Transform your habits, addictions, and behaviors
  • Discover the value of your imperfections in the process of spiritual growth
  • Learn to access your innate wisdom and an inner ground
  • Develop tools essential to your transformation in times of duress
  • Cultivate unconditional self-acceptance

When your body and mind work together as one, you are fully and naturally present in the moment. This is the essence of this program.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. – Aristotle

Our daily lives are often a series of habits played out through the day, a trammeled existence fettered by the slow accretion of our previous actions.

But habits can be changed, as difficult as that may seem sometimes.

I’m a living example: in tiny, almost infinitesimal steps, I’ve changed a laundry list of habits. Quit smoking, stopped impulse spending, got out of debt, began running and waking early and eating healthier and becoming frugal and simplifying my life and becoming organized and focused and productive, ran three marathons and a couple of triathlons, started a few successful blogs, eliminated my debt … you get the picture.

It’s possible. Let join us:

Learn how to always overcome resistance, take action, succeed every day, and make changes that last.

My productivity has improved heaps.
– Al Almaktoum 

Struggling To Change? You Are Not The Problem… It’s Your Strategy!

Many people are still trying to change the same area of their life that they wanted to change years ago.

What’s the problem? Is it them? Are they unable to change?

No, the problem is that they’re using the same failing strategies each time—the strategies that fill most books, blogs, and courses which are supposed to help people change.

I’ve been there. I followed conventional advice and tried to motivate myself into change for 10 years; I tried to “want it more.” But it never worked; it never lasted. That’s because there are serious flaws with that strategy.

What Will This Program Do For You?

30 Days To Freedom will help you create good habits and remove bad habits. It’s based on cutting-edge neuroscience and is, in my biased opinion, the smartest application you’ll find of it. Many of the techniques—including the core mini habits philosophy—are completely different from traditional advice, and are more effective and reliable.

If you take this habit change program, you can expect your views on several important life concepts like motivation, willpower, and habit formation to change (for the better).

Starting and maintaining is extremely easy to do; I’ll show you exactly why and how this concept works. For such a simple concept, there’s a lot of science and logic to back it up, and we’ll explore all of it (in a fun way).

The varied presentation styles, especially the Science in Action segments, make this program more fun than many. The production quality is high. And the information is solid.
– Beth Ellen Nash 

30Days To Freedom Features A Fun, High-Quality Presentation Style

I really enjoyed learning about freedom and why it is so effective in helping us develop new “success muscles.” Little steps lead to bigger changes without trying. The fun teaching style kept me thoroughly engaged and laughing at the skits. Production quality was excellent.
– Halena Curran

Workbook features:

  • Several studies are “brought to life” for you: studies can be rather boring because of the torturous wording used in academic journals. But thankfully, they’re quite a bit more entertaining—and often quite funny—when acted out in front of you (starring Actress Laura Avnaim).
  • Real-life demonstrations of important concepts are also brought to life: motivation, willpower, small steps, and more are demonstrated in a visual, tangible way to enhance your understanding and enjoyment of the material. Studies show that increasing the fun factor enhances learning.
  • This is nothing like any other course: other books and courses parrot back to content you’ve heard 1,057 times. Not this one. For example, did you know that motivation is not needed to form habits? I base my conclusions on the thoughtful application of scientific data with some personal experimentation for support.
  • This isn’t a program that promises a pipe dream: this is the exact way I changed my life after 10 years of failing with the traditional advice we hear!

I am recommending this program to everybody I know! The instructors know their stuff and present it in such an engaging way it was pure pleasure to watch and learn. I have learned the most valuable self improvement method I have ever come across.
– Melanie Taylor 

I’ll be inside to answer any questions you may have as you take the program. There’s even more “under the hood” than this thorough program can communicate. What often happens when people encounter paradigm-shifting information is that they have more questions than ever. I expect it, and I’ll be standing by.

Join us: I look forward to seeing you inside!


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