A loners manifesto- Working with a loner, not a team player!

A loners manifesto- Working with a loner, not a team player!

It’s not easy to work with a loner, let alone working with a non- team player. Hell, half of my amateur career I have been a non-team player and I assure you it was worse than working with Donald Trump or Kim Jong Un. People around me and beside me were always tempted to shun me up for not chipping in when I should have (You can find my post on the loner right here). But would that have made a difference, that is shunning out a person without actually trying to look into the heart of a matter?

I’ll rather say in team work if you shun up a person then you are no better than a non-team player. Infact, you worst off than that loner. Why?

The moment you shun that person off, without reaching out to that person and making a connection you are affecting the morale of the team and are trying to dust off your responsibility. To reprimand that mistake, the sole art of the value is to start by approaching the said loner with friendly questions, rather than accusations, whether s/he is your friend, relative, colleague or partner. You might ask “what is going on with you right now? Is something troubling you? Is the team bully scaring you? If yes we can bum him/her together!”

Trust me, the roots of the loner’s behavior may surprise you. It might be that the person is dealing with a stressful situation at home, or at office or is simply pissed off of your face. Something that is leading to distraction. Or he/she might be feeling work pressures that you are unaware of and haven’t even thought of. Approach that person without making prior assumptions about why s/he have an ignorant attitude, because they aren’t being ignorant but a bit grumpy because of their situation.

Find out about them, interact with them one on one, for a group my fear them off. This way you will gain more insight than you ever had- a pathway to stored information. Consider taking your colleague out to coffee or lunch, a date if you want it to be. When the person sounds friendly enough, bring along a couple of colleagues to promote the team cohesion. The more interactions you have, the friendlier group relations will be.

But you extrovert human, what will you achieve from all this? Leadership, and a faithful follower!


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