Happiness Comes From Within

I’ve been looking for you ever since my big head has made its way into this world – Big brains come with big dreams. You were always out of my reach, A big wild threat above my head Teasing me mercilessly Leading me in circles. Isolated among gray crowds I’ve wandered, Looking for comfort in … Read moreHappiness Comes From Within

MODERN DECEIT (short story)

Lucy wakes up every morning at 6:00 am. After brushing her teeth and drinking her coffee on the balcony, she wears her blue sports shoes, ties her dark hair up, and takes her three dogs, Dexter, Shep, and Tony, out on a run. They get out of the 23rd apartment, take the stairs down from … Read moreMODERN DECEIT (short story)


When my grandmother died I’d decided that life is too short to wait. I know, sounds cliché. But her death has reminded me of how much I loathe my routine, how much I despise this comfort zone I’ve gotten myself into. See, I thought if I waited, life would come find me. But I was … Read moreLOST WITHIN MY MIND