The Gift Of Grief

Naturally, grief associates with loss and sadness. It’s an intense emotion that’s unbearable. We focus on the depressing side effects of grief but what about the good side? Is there a good side? What does it mean to lose someone? We’re filled with unanswered questions, anger, and hurt, but is a hidden gift wrapped in … Read more

The Brightside Of Loneliness

I know, this subject seems odd. A lot of people fear loneliness. And there are some people who enjoy the silence around them. But the concept of no one being there for you is a daunting thought. Loneliness is not healthy and It can cause health problems. But the Brightside of being lonely does exist. … Read more

Overcome Overthinking

Ok, I tend to overthink situations that are not worth thinking about. My anxiety disorder may be to blame for this. I can overthink the tiniest things such as saying something right to a person or making a stupid mistake. Overthinking consumes my mind which makes me question myself constantly. I can be my worst … Read more