How to Get Rid of the Restless Mind Syndrome (RMS)

How to Get Rid of the Restless Mind Syndrome (RMS)

Restless mind syndrome changes your emotions. If you have been dealing with the restless mind for a long time, you may have noticed that restless mind has left you the different person. It can be a little hard – a little more restless – and will be faster to experience discomfort or negative emotions. All these are part of the restless mind syndrome.

Although the cause of restless mind syndrome was never accepted and not recognized as the psycho-physical state, feelings associated with it are real and appear to be a resurgence these days. People are affected by the syndrome of the restless mind. Do you experience it? So grab a chair and see if we can help you get rid of it.

The symptoms of the Restless Mind Syndrome

Do you feel lost, agitated, or lazy?

Do you feel that there is this great life to live, but you just do not know how to get there?

Do you wish that life would finally begin for you?

Do you feel anxious about your life, sure there’s something you’re supposed to do but have no idea what it is?

Do you feel like you’re living is very good and do the kinds of things you want to do, but you have this negative feeling that maybe you’re missing something?

How to get rid of the Restless Mind Syndrome

If our feelings of shiftlessness and restlessness occur as a result of the disconnection between expectations and reality, the remedy is to fill this gap. Instead of being overwhelmed by the endless possibilities in life, you must develop things you want to do and can do.

1: Find out what you can do

We have goals and ambitions. But we must temper our expectations with a dose of reality. Not all of us are going to be rich and famous. We need to assess what we are capable of doing.

Remember, everyone, want an extraordinary life. But not everybody life is extraordinary in all ramifications. Find out which areas of your life you want to be extraordinary. If it is clear that you will not be an author or a famous actor in the world, then be an extraordinary husband, father, and friend.

2: Figure out what you want to do.

Often we are concerned that there seem to be so many amazing opportunities in the world. We jumped through magazines and saw people diving in the Caribbean, men camping in Yellowstone and the guy’s party in New York. Turn on the television and watch shows where the boys enjoy it in cold cities, dating hot ladies, and working on a great job. We are like a child window shopping hungry in a candy store. Everything seems pretty damn attractive, but out of reach. It makes us feel anxious. We don’t have a very wide net to capture all these new opportunities.

3: Take small steps

Sometimes I do not like to browse a bookstore because there are so many books out there, and I get to be overwhelmed to read it. All these books to read! I’ll never be able to read them all! It almost makes not to start. I only have to pick one that looks interesting and simply start there. As it is in the library, so it is in life. We often feel restless and unhappy because it seems that there are so many things out there that we want to capture. We want to get a dream job, have adventures and reach our dream girl; we learn a trade, read 100 books and learn to dress well. We want to live life to the fullest! But we put so much pressure on the realization of this idea that ended up being overwhelmed and paralyzed into inaction.

4: Connect with people that inspire you

One of the most obvious ways to health is through relationships. Not all relationships suggest that we care and preserve guarantees long lasting relationship: deep, loyal relationships with a few trusted people is what will provide encouragement, feedback, accountability and mutual support in place to help each one attain their visions.

5: Reduce your Internet addiction.

I love technology, and I addict to shiny gadgets, but I realized that if I keep them in place, they can become a project that consumes time and energy, it takes more than what it returned. I feel like the hyper-connectivity disconnects me from myself. Here is a challenge for all of us: Disable Skype, email alerts, email applications, Skype, etc. try to read your email twice a day, swear off Twitter and Facebook for one day.

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