44+ Best Miami Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Miami, officially the City of Miami, is a metropolis located in southeastern Florida in the United States. It is the second most populous metropolis on the East coast of the United States, and it is the seventh largest in the country. Profoundly inspirational Miami quotes will brighten up your day and make you feel ready to take on anything.

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Famous Miami Quotes

I love Miami; I miss it so much. I miss the beach, the peace it brings you. I love the sound and smell of the sea. Genesis Rodriguez

My favorite city is Miami. It’s very fresh and the beach is sunny. Liu Wen

Views are overrated; it’s light that counts. I have an apartment in Miami’s South Beach, and I get tired of looking at the ocean. Even that view gets old after a while. Sunlight streaming into a room  it never gets old. Michael Graves

Miami’s like paradise. And I think the beaches are topless. So we’re gonna spend a lot of time at the beach. Pauly D

Second only to the sea, the Miami sky has been the greatest comfort in my life past 50. On a good day, when the wind blows from the south, the light here is diffuse and forgiving. Iggy Pop

Miami is one of these great places that is a really sensual, physically beautiful place. Michael Mann

Even though Puerto Rico will always be my hometown, I feel Miami is my second home. Anuel AA

All my troubles wash away in the water.

Miami is a melting pot in which none of the stones melt. They rattle around. Tom Wolfe

Baby girl, used ride on the metro, had a dream of diamonds and stilettos. First class in Miami from the West Coast.

I’m a Latina from Miami. I pity you if you think you’re going out shout me. Ana Navarro

Miami is a party city, a go fast city. Rick Ross

Miami is one of these great places that is a really sensual, physically beautiful place. Michael Mann

In L.A. you can hide. I can hide at the beach, hide up in the hills. In Miami everybody is looking at you. Jamie Foxx

Miami has embraced me and I love them for that. Lil Wayne

Miami, in many ways, is a quintessentially American city. Tibor Fischer

But this is Miami, you can’t come to Miami and not show any skin. You gotta show something. If you’re all covered up in this heat, you’re gonna make me pass out just to look at you. It’s sweaty in Miami-but the diamonds will keep me cool. Lil’ Kim

One of my favorite vacation places is Miami, because of the people, the water and the beach  of course and the architecture on Miami Beach is so wonderful. Oksana Baiul

It is Paris that makes one feel poetic, Rome that makes one feel heroic, yet it is Miami that makes one feel young. Pietros Manos

I like anywhere with a beach. A beach and warm weather is all I really need. I like going to Florida  to Miami and to visit my mom in Fort Meyers Rob Gronkowski

Miami is one of the great cultural melting pots in the world. I love working and living here. David Caruso

Welcome to Miami where they Hustle hey, And they ride duce tres like everyday, Palm trees blue skies gangstas

Miami’s not anybody’s poor cousin. It’s an aspiration to live in this town, not something you have to do to promote yourself like some of the larger cities. Iggy Pop

As good as Miami is, we’d rather go to Miami. Luol Deng

My favorite city is Miami. It’s very fresh and the beach is sunny. Liu Wen

Shorty beside me, wind blowing through her hair. Oh, no no, that’s the summer wit Miami.

Miami will always be special to me. Christian Yelich

Welcome to Miami where they hustle hey, and they ride duce tres like everyday.

Miami is always super, duper lit. Post Malone

Miami is one of these great places that is a really sensual, physically beautiful place. Michael Mann

I think Miami is such a beautiful, sexy, gorgeous place. I love the people there. Minka Kelly

Bouncing in the club, where the heat is on, all night, on the beach till the break of dawn, I’m going to Miami. Welcome to Miami.

Anytime I get down to Miami, it’s a wonderful thing. Bill Goldberg

What’s special about Miami is the collision of cultures. And the white sand beaches and fantastic restaurants. Jeffrey Dean Morgan

In Miami, there’s a Latin flavor, and I just love every bit of it. Ryan Guzman

I couldn’t sleep knowing I was going to leave my Miami. It’s always going to be my home, but it’s not the same. Hanley Ramirez

I love Miami and would love to always be in Miami. Goran Dragic

I’m a winner. Dwyane’s a winner. We’re going to bring winning to Miami. Chris Bosh

Miami’s great. I love going there for a weekend of fun. Nina Agdal

I love the crowds in Miami. I feel that is one of the tournaments where I get more support. That helps me a lot. Rafael Nadal

Miami was always a town that was kind to me as a wrestler. It’s a great wrestling town, and it’s a great town, period. There’s so much to do in Miami. Ric Flair

Girls just wanna have sun