The Peaceful Breeze of Sweet Surrender

The Peaceful Breeze of Sweet Surrender


I seek fellowship. Time spent with someone who expects nothing of or from me. Someone who will allow me to be me, whatever that version may be. Someone I can be with, while still being on my own. Someone I feel no need to answer to. A companion, sitting side-by-side ocean side. Appreciating the small moments, the quiet ease of a life not rushed. The peaceful breeze of sweet surrender. Senses bursting with joy and understanding. This is what life is about; this is why we were placed on this earth.

Shared Experiences

Shared experiences. Books, music, and rhythmic dancing. Laughter, smiles, and a childlike wonder. These are the things I dream of. Stories shared. Pain erased by discreet understanding. Wounds healed through the subtle touch of compassion. No words necessary, but welcomed just the same. Long walks or short – seeking solitude in the solstice. Seasons ebbing and flowing; there’s safety in consistency.

Two souls oblivious to change; immersed in silence and spirituality. Standing together in the face of fear; openly shunning shame. Trading entitlement for intuition. Two souls free of judgment and condemnation. Energies flowing simultaneously in a dance of synchronicity. Creating a galaxy of loving sensibility; bursting with the beauty that is LOVE.




Photo by Paz Arando

2 thoughts on “The Peaceful Breeze of Sweet Surrender

  1. this is pure and love. this is a fellowship can create engergy…giving love, consideration and symphaty, creates happyness and joyful lifes.

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