20+ Best Pineapple Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Pineapple is (the yellow flesh and juice of) a large tropical fruit with a rough orange or brown skin and pointed leaves on top. Profoundly inspirational pineapple quotes will challenge the way you think, and help guide you through any life experience.

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Famous Pineapple Quotes

I can’t wait to get off the stage, because I’ve got some LifeSavers in my pocket and pineapple is next! — Mitch Hedberg

I think I was a mermaid and I used to swim the shores or Hawaii and used to pop up and see coconuts and pineapples everywhere. — Ella Henderson

Somebody’s been putting pineapple juice in my pineapple juice! — W. C. Fields

Maturity is most rapid in the low latitudes, where pineapples and women most do thrive. — Nathaniel Parker Willis

Call me tacky, but I love the union of sweet and sour, even in some now-unloved Oriental dishes incorporating pineapple and ketchup. — Yotam Ottolenghi

As for pineapple, it’s far more versatile than you might think, and certainly merits wider use than in Hawaiian pizzas and pina coladas and on cheesy cocktail sticks. — Yotam Ottolenghi

Where is it written that houses must be beige? Any dun colored house would look better if painted pineapple, cream, ochre, or even a smart sage. — Frances Mayes

If you sit in a bath of pineapple chunks, it can kill you. That’s well documented. — Karl Pilkington

A dear friend of mine always brings a pineapple instead of flowers when he comes to a show. I love it. — Seth Numrich

We had pineapple juice and water when we got there, — Matthew Hoggard

I think pineapple is very sexy. It reminds me of bikinis and the beach. — Penn Badgley

My mom didn’t want me to go to college. She didn’t want me to read – when I read, I may as well have been holding a pineapple. — Lynda Barry

I thought ‘Pineapple Express’ was hilarious. — J. B. Smoove

Lanai at one time grew 98% of the world’s pineapples. But the world’s pineapples are now grown in two places, Costa Rica and Panama, because no one wants to spend $45 for a pineapple from the United States. — Larry Ellison

Pizza with pineapple, that’s a cake…Pizza with cucumber, it’s an insult. — Alessio Vinci

I had a small part in ‘Pineapple Express.’ — Bill Hader

I had a craving for pineapple and a pink cardigan – Becky Bloomwood Shopaholic and Baby” — Sophie Kinsella

He is the very pineapple of politeness. — Richard Brinsley Sheridan

Man, the flavor of a pineapple is 100 times more powerful than the flavor of meat. — Jose Andres Puerta

Although the pineapple had been widely disseminated for centuries among the native peoples of South and Central America, it didn’t figure in European history until 1493. — Kate Christensen

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