Hello there, lovely world of BayArt! It’s me, Queertastic again, and I’m back with our poem for this week by the very talented Reganhia Wright 🙂 If you want a chance to get your poetry featured on BayArt, go ahead and click the link here to find out more. I always love reading all of your works <3 Till next Thursday, ~ Love, Queertastic

You Called My Name ; Reganhia Wright

You called my name and my breath caught aflame,
The fire within me soars to a climatic rage.
You call my name and I moan deep in response.
The dance that we do while our hearts beat for each other has slowly begun.
You called my name and tasted my skin,
The heat within me hits a crescendo, all is hot within.
You called my name and I felt me soar.
You called my name and I felt my skin move,
To the rhythm of your rhythm we are one in sync.
You called my name and I pledged my life.
I then can feel the essence of your seed,
Permeating my bones,
filling my body’s needs.
I surrender to everything you have.
I will be what you need.
Lie here with me my darling while I slowly learn to breathe.


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