10 Ways To Immediately Improve Your Happiness and Motivation

1. Focus on your favorite physical attribute.

2. Share your talent or hobby with another person.

3. Right after you wake and right before sleep name three things you are grateful for that money cannot buy.

4. Right after waking pray, meditate, or set your intentions and needs for the day and whatever goals you are working on.

5. Walk away from unneeded conflict.

6. Keep in mind everyone has battle scars we know nothing about, try compassion and understanding instead of retaliation.

7. Commit to taking at least one action step towards a goal/dream you are working towards.

8. Detach from the unsolicited opinions and advice from others.

9. Every time you falter the next second is a new beginning. Never stop working on your goals and personal progress towards self-acceptance.

10. Always celebrate your milestones, most people don’t know your personal goals or battles so be your biggest cheerleader.

People all over the world feel overwhelmed and unsatisfied. Keeping the ten ideas in your personal craft box will inspire you to become a stronger loving person. These action steps are like any new habit, and they take repeated practice to become an automatic way of thinking.

Even if you choose to practice only a few of the ideas, they will still affect your happiness for the better. People usually focus on all the negative attributes and flaws they have, instead of focusing on their best qualities. Understand that you are better at something that someone wants to learn and vice-versa, never the less, keep working on your goals and you will see that proficiency will take hold and before you know it you are mastering the goals you thought you could not master.

Life has a way of teaching us lessons the hard way when we refuse to grow in an area we need improvement in; sadly, these lessons also prove to cause the most painful type of growth. Through life’s challenges, I have shifted to doing my best to focus on the areas I am best in and honestly ask myself about the areas I need work.
During these difficult times in life, I learned that most people do not know you are going through a difficult challenge. When this happens, it is easy to feel alone, defeated, and empty. People sometimes do not know what to say or how to help a friend or family member through this time, when this happens to learn to pat yourself on the back for the progress you are making. When you feel like no one cares or understands, speak to a family member, a friend, or find a group of people who are experiencing the same type of challenges in their life. There is nothing that comforts a weary soul like hearing a person say, “You too?” No matter the scenario there is someone out there who will totally get what you are going through, seek those people out. Develop your squad of people who will cheer for you and support your personal growth.

Lastly, I want you to know that no matter your past, you deserve to fight for you. Cynicism is the new it attitude and everyone knows that this is a total downer. Instead of letting the naysayers derail your goals, remember that they can only act and speak from their perspective. People assess another’s life by their experiences, and that means they are reflecting their truth, not yours. When I started to realize that people’s opinions do not validate who I truly am, I have begun to react more patiently. The truth is no one has the power over me unless I allow them to, so I now do my best to respond in a calm manner and not take comments too personally. There will be times when there is a little falter in response. That is okay, learn from it and keep going.

Gratitude is the most important of all the ideas because it brings instant peace and a calm presence to the moment. When practicing, gratitude focuses on the things you possess that money cannot buy. Using a method of gratitude for balance can be done as often as needed; sometimes days are just crappy, and a fast positive pick me up helps. Think of things like clean water, breathing; a loved one anything that brings a thought of love or happiness instantly to mind. Disappointments are inevitable and sometimes those disappointments cut to the bone. During these painful times, I first tell myself what I am thankful for and then focus on the problem/issue at hand. Rolling with punches of life is what progress is all about and understanding that a setback is a setback and not an ending allows for a new game plan with a reserve to do better and move forward, even if it is one little step at a time.

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  1. These are such important things to remember! It is ALWAYS reassuring to know I am not the only one with self doubt and a feeling of defeat based on the vast world, and being such a minute speck in the grand scheme of it all. Then I remind myself, even if I touch one person, it is worth it. The ever evolving world needs new voices, new stories, and new words, even if they have been said before!


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