58+ Best Annoying People Quotes That Perfectly Sum Up

Some people just bring out the best in others, but some people just do irritating things. Sarcastic annoying people quotes will give you some insight into their behaviors, and you can avoid being just like them.

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Famous Annoying People Quotes

Don’t invite annoying people into your life and set ground rules for the ones you inherited. – Alan Robert Neal

It is very important to understand why those annoying people annoy you and then figure out where that fits into your world. – Auliq Ice

Those people who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do. – Isaac Asimov

Unless your name is GOOGLE, Don`t act as if you know everything. – unknown

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I think people who lack humility are really annoying. – Emily Vancamp

That’s what I call bouncing, said Eeyore. Taking people by surprise. Very unpleasant habit. I don’t mind Tigger being in the Forest, he went on, because it’s a large Forest, and there’s plenty of room to bounce in it. But I don’t see why he should come into my little corner of it and bounce there. It isn’t as if there was anything very wonderful about my little corner. Of course, for people who like cold, wet, ugly bits it is something rather special, but otherwise it’s just a corner, and if anybody feels bouncy. – A.A. Milne, The House at Pooh Corner

People who annoy people; they are the luckiest people in the world. – Howie Mandel

Some people just don’t get that I’ll rather talk to a wall than them. – Francine Chiar

I don’t like boys. They’re kind of annoying. – Michelle Wie

You go in the crowd and you mix, but no one knows that a buddha has entered the crowd. No one comes to feel that somebody is different, because if someone feels it then there is bound to be anger and calamity. Whenever someone feels that you are somebody, his own anger, his own ego is hurt. He starts reacting, he starts attacking you. – Osho

And there is no use whatever, gentlemen, trying to help people who do not help themselves. You cannot push any one up a ladder unless he be willing to climb a little himself. – Andrew Carnegie

I hate when someone wants to ask me a question, I ask them what it is, then they’re like ‘nevermind’. – Bob Bobby

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I find impressionists slightly annoying, really. – Steve Coogan

It’s not annoying if only a couple of people come up. If a bunch of them crowd around me, it’s annoying. – Brian Bonsall

People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it. – George Bernard Shaw

Worried about being a dull fellow? You might develop your talent for being irritating. – Mason Cooley

Some people are so heavenly minded that they are no earthly good. – Oliver Wendell Holmes

There is no use whatsoever trying to help people who do not help themselves. You cannot push anyone up a ladder unless he is willing to climb himself. – Andrew Carnegie

People will kill you over time, and how they’ll kill you is with tiny, harmless phrases, like ‘be realistic.’ – Dylan Moran

In some cases, I quite like irritating people who need to be irritated. – Robert Smith

There is nobody so irritating as somebody with less intelligence and more sense than we have. – Don Herold

Some people are like clouds. When they disappear, it’s a brighter day. – Unknown

I know that there are people who do not love their fellow man, and I hate people like that. – Tom Lehrer

Too many people spend money they haven’t earned, to buy things they don’t want, to impress people they don’t like. – Will Smith

People who want to share their religious views with you almost never want you to share yours with them. – Dave Barry

I know nothing more annoying when people I don’t know jump to conclusions on my person based on nothing but gossip or speculation. – Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

If you call yourself anauthoress on your Facebook profile, you suck at life. You are stupid and your children are ugly. It doesn’t matter if you’re just trying to be cute and original. You’re not. You are about as original as all those other witless twits writing the one millionth shitty Fifty Shades clone. Or maybe you’re trying to show your 2000 fake Facebook friends that you are an empowered feminist who will not stand for sexist terminology. But you’re not showing people that you are fighting the good fight, you’re showing people that you are a sheep, who’s trying just a little too hard to ride the current wave of idiotic political correctness. The word author is no more gender-discrimination than the word person. Do you call yourself a personess? No, of course not, because then you might as well wear a sign around your neck that says, Hello, I’m a retard. – Oliver Markus

I like to call everyone that I find slightly annoying a ‘sociopath.’ – Bo Burnham

It is really irritating to work with irritating people. – Joshua Ferris

I like long walks, especially when they are taken by people who annoy me. – Fred Allen

Nothing is as irritating as the fellow who chats pleasantly while he’s overcharging you. – Kin Hubbard

Being natural is one of the most irritating poses I know in people. – Alexander Theroux

There is no use whatsoever in trying to help people who do not help themselves. – Andrew Carnegie

Annoying people with no class at all should stay far away from computers! – Vianka Van Bokkem

I don’t hate you, you’re just the most annoying person in my life. – Rebecca Sparrow

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Some people have so little going on in their lives, they would rather discuss yours. – Rashida Rowe

The fellow who thinks he knows it all is especially annoying to those of us who do. – Harold Coffin

Most people are full of themselves and speak only the obnoxiously superficial, in other words they’re annoying as hell. – Novala Takemoto

A sports bar is a way to take a bar and fill it with even more annoying people than usual. – Demetri Martin

He who has rejected his demons badgers us to death with his angels. – Henri Michaux

You do everything you weren’t allowed to do in school. Jumping up and down, screaming, annoying people, and people love you for it. – Pelle Almqvist

I’ve become one of those annoying people who brings their own food on to planes. – Jessie Ware

As long as there are annoying people in the world, I won’t run out of material. – Scott Adams

I am not the most annoying person to bring to a movie ’cause I basically hold it in and write about it later or tweet about it. The most annoying people to bring to movies, I think we all agree, are those who read the book first. – Neil deGrasse Tyson

Quick decision makers are often stuck behind annoying people in line at Starbucks. – Ellen DeGeneres

Quotes About Being Annoyed

  • We try to cope by avoiding that bad manager or getting that stubborn, annoying person off the team.
  • I’m not cranky. I just have a violent reaction to stupid people.
  • If I just take in and release my breath and clear my mind, the person who is annoying me isn’t that difficult after all.
  • The strengths of the annoying people in you life can complement your weaknesses, if you will allow them to.
  • The more people I meet, the more I realize how well my parents raised me.
  • Expressives are most irritated by people who make decisions too slowly.
  • Once you start to dislike someone, everything they do begins to annoy you.
  • Amiables are usually irritated by people who are too pushy.
  • Some people are like clouds. When they disappear, it’s a brighter day.
  • Analyticals are most irritated by people who make rash decisions or people who are too pushy.
  • Sometimes one middle finger isn’t enough to let someone know how you feel. That’s why you have two hands.Sometimes one middle finger isn’t enough to let someone know how you feel. That’s why you have two hands.
  • Most drivers are irritated by people who make decisions too slowly or people who socialize too much.
  • An offended brother is more unyielding than a fortified city, and disputes are like barred gates of a citadel. – Proverbs 18:19