48+ Best Roronoa Zoro Quotes Ever

Roronoa Zoro, also known as “Pirate Hunter”, is the greatest swordsman in the world of One Piece. He fights with a unique three-sword style. With his dedication, he’s one of the hard working anime characters. Zoro always tells it like it is. With the witty, tough, and enduring lines, inspirational Roronoa Zoro quotes will empower you to work hard and never giving up for perseverance and success.

Sometimes the most profound truths are hidden in simple words. That’s why deep Anime quotes teach us in heart-warming and powerful snippets of wisdom.

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Motivational Roronoa Zoro Quotes

In a real fight there is no man or woman! If you don’t fight with your real power, that will be the most shameful thing. – Roronoa Zoro

In case we become candles, I want to have a nice pose. – Roronoa Zoro

My captain has no business with a chunk of stone like you. Suck it up and just deal with me instead. – Roronoa Zoro

You need to accept the fact that you’re not the best and have all the will to strive to be better than anyone you face. – Roronoa Zoro

When I decided to follow my dream, I had already discarded my life. – Roronoa Zoro

You want to kill me? You couldn’t even kill my boredom! – Roronoa Zoro

Hmph. Aren’t titles useless when it comes to fighting? The stronger one wins, that’s all. – Roronoa Zoro

I’m going to be the world’s greatest swordsman! All I have left is my destiny! My name may be infamous… but it’s gonna shake the world! – Roronoa Zoro

If I can’t even protect my captain’s dream, then whatever ambition I have is nothing but talk… – Roronoa Zoro

I’m sorry. I never pray to god. – Roronoa Zoro

If I die here, then I’m a man that could only make it this far. – Roronoa Zoro

There is someone that I must meet again. And until that day….not even Death itself can take my life away! – Roronoa Zoro

You’ve underestimated me, snow woman. When you thought you couldn’t beat me, you should have run. Of course, there are things that I don’t wanna cut. But… let me ask you something. Have you ever seen a fierce animal you were sure would never bite? Because I haven’t. – Roronoa Zoro

You’ll never understand…your swords will never be as heavy as mine! – Roronoa Zoro

Fine! I’d rather be a pirate than die here! – Roronoa Zoro

I’ll be the world’s greatest swordsman so that my name will reach heaven! – Roronoa Zoro

Only those who have suffered long, can see the light within the shadows. – Roronoa Zoro

Right. Let’s go. – Roronoa Zoro

Forget those pointless fights! We just need to get away! – Roronoa Zoro

You sure can talk the talk, but you’re not quite ready to walk the walk. Time’s up, it’s my turn. – Roronoa Zoro

When the world shoves you around, you just gotta stand up and shove back. It’s not like somebody’s gonna save you if you start babbling excuses. – Roronoa Zoro

If it’s a fight he wants, then I won’t back down. – Roronoa Zoro

Nothing happened. – Roronoa Zoro

Being strong isn’t just about having power or move, it about one’s spirit. – Roronoa Zoro

If I lose to someone as pitiful as you, with such a small injury… my fate is already sealed. – Roronoa Zoro

Bring on the hardship. It’s preferred in a path of carnage. – Roronoa Zoro

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When you decided to go to the sea, it was your own decision. Whatever happens to you on the sea, it depends on what you’ve done! Don’t blame others! – Roronoa Zoro

It’s okay to lose your way… just don’t lose sight of what you have decided. – Roronoa Zoro

Either in belief or doubt, if I lean to one of these sides, my reaction time will be dulled if my heart thinks the opposite of what I choose. – Roronoa Zoro

I do things my own way! So don’t give me any lip about it! – Roronoa Zoro

A scar on the back is a shame for a swordsman. – Roronoa Zoro

A wound that’d make an ordinary man unconscious… I won’t lose to it. A wound that would kill an ordinary person… I won’t lose to it! To face one who is extraordinary, Hawk Eyes… I can’t allow myself to be ordinary! – Roronoa Zoro

I don’t care what the society says. I’ve never regretted doing anything. I will survive and do what I want to. – Roronoa Zoro

I’ll become stronger for her! Until my name reaches Heaven itself… I’ll become stronger!… I’ll become the strongest swordsman in the world! – Roronoa Zoro

It’s true that there are some things that I’d rather not cut… But let me ask you… Have you ever met a beast… That you were sure would never bite? – Roronoa Zoro

Convey my will to this blade… now let’s see if I am able to cut Steel. – Roronoa Zoro

The fact that you can fight better as a giraffe… and the fact that you can use four swords… are all completely irrelevant… when you’re FACING ME! – Roronoa Zoro

I don’t know. I’m not sure why myself. But if I were to take even one step back, I believe that all those important oaths, promises and many other deals ’til now, will all go to waste and I’ll never be able to return before you, ever again. – Roronoa Zoro

If you do anything that would cause me to abandon my ambitions… You will end your own life on my sword! – Roronoa Zoro

Well, how about this. My “luck” versus this thing’s “curse”… wanna see what’s stronger…? If I lose, then I’m just that much of a man anyways… – Roronoa Zoro

Over the nine mountains, across the eight seas, there is nothing I cannot cut. – Roronoa Zoro

So, are you stupid enough to fall for such a stupid trap that such stupid people set up? – Roronoa Zoro

If you kill yourself, I’ll kill you. – Roronoa Zoro

I am always serious. – Roronoa Zoro

There should be a limit to how similar a couple looks like. – Roronoa Zoro

I’m a pirate hunter. – Roronoa Zoro

Ha, you want to kill me? You couldn’t even kill my boredom… – Roronoa Zoro