60+ Best Self Hate Quotes You Need Hear Today

Self-hatred develops over time. It may be triggered by many factors and influences many aspects of daily living. When your inner critic is trying to put yourself down, you can learn to stop self-loathing and self-hatred. Profoundly inspirational self hate quotes will encourage you to think a little deeper than you usually would and broaden your perspective.

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Famous Self Hate Quotes

It seems to me that everyone on this planet whom I know or have worked with is suffering from self-hatred and guilt to one degree or another. The more self-hatred and guilt we have, the less our lives work. The less self-hatred and guilt we have, the better our lives work, on all levels. Louise Hay

I hate myself more than I hate others. I’m miserly egoistic even with hate.

Being here alone with nothing to do, I’ve been thinking about myself too. Trying to understand why I hate myself so badly. Orson Scott Card

Thou canst not think worse of me than I do of myself. Robert Burton

I’m not important. Everyone will do just fine without me.

When you live with voices in your head, you are drawn inextricably to voices outside your head. Very often the voices work to confirm your worst suspicions. Or think of things you could never have imagined! There are only so many hours of the day to hate yourself. Emma Forrest

The mind thinks thoughts that we don’t plan. It’s not as if we say, ‘At 9:10 I’m going to be filled with self-hatred.’ Sharon Salzberg

I close my eyes and I take a deep breath and I think about my life and how I ended up this way. I think about the ruin, devastation and wreckage I have caused to myself and to others. I think about self-hatred and self-loathing. I think about how and why and what happened and the thoughts come easily, but the answers don’t. James Frey

I have been a depressed person most of m life. I was always in the throes of self-hatred. Eve Ensler

I don’t really care what you think about me because it’s guaranteed that you’ll never be able to hate me more than I hate myself, so go ahead.

Whenever insecurity whispers in your ear, telling you how much you suck, tell it to shut the hell up. Then keep going forward anyway. Rebecca O’Donnell

Since our awareness of others is considered our duty, the price we pay when things go wrong is guilt and self-hatred. And things always go wrong. We respond with apologies; we continue to apologize long after the event is forgotten – and even if it had no casual relation to anything we did to begin with. Nancy Chodorow

Self-hatred is OK. I have self-hatred, too. It’s OK. What’s bad is if you don’t know how to get out of it, don’t know how to manage it. Self-hatred is, in fact, a good thing if you can clearly see the mechanism of it, because it helps you to understand others. Orhan Pamuk

Self-hatred is self-imprisonment. Self-forgiveness is self-liberation. You have the right to suppress yourself, oppress yourself and depress yourself. You have the right to impress yourself too. Feel happy. Israelmore Ayivor

I hate myself. Holding onto someone who’s not worth it and letting someone who actually cared.

I care for no man on earth, and no man on earth cares for me. Charles Dickens

I’ve got a bad case of the 3:00 am guilts — you know, when you lie in bed awake and replay all those things you didn’t do right? Because, as we all know, nothing solves insomnia like a nice warm glass of regret, depression and self-loathing. D.D. Barant

I am still bullied occasionally. However, none of my current bullies really exist. They’re all in my head. Be your own best friend instead of your worst enemy. Abiola Abrams

Anger, resentment and jealousy doesn’t change the heart of others — it only changes yours. Shannon L. Alder

Self-hatred is sometimes appropriate. Mason Cooley

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Top Self Hate Quotes

One thing worse than self-hatred is chiggers. Edward Abbey

Only self-hatred could lead him to ruin himself because his heart was “broken”. Saul Bellow

This negative self-talk is something you probably aren’t even aware of, but it eats away at you bit by bit and erodes that self-confidence you need to tackle your anxiety. Robert Duff

There is no need for me to curse you -the murderer survives the victim only to learn that it was himself that he longed to be rid of. Hatred is self-hatred. Thornton Wilder

The gap between our sincere values and our actual behavior is the source of all self-hatred. Bo Lozoff

The self-hatred that destroys is the waste of unfulfilled promise. Moss Hart

He wished he could be anywhere else and anyone else but Here and Him. James R. Silvestri

When we don’t know who to hate, we hate ourselves. Chuck Palahniuk

I am sorrowful. I am sorrowful that I happened to be born into a world where being disgusted with yourself was what you were supposed to be. I am sorrowful that my fellow countrymen feel that being human is something to repress, something ugly, something nasty. It’s… It’s just a f*ck*ng shame. It really is. Robert Jackson Bennett

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One day I looked at something in myself that I had been avoiding because it was too painful. Yet once I did, I had an unexpected surprise. Rather than self-hatred, I was flooded with compassion for myself because I realized the pain necessary to develop that coping mechanism to begin with. Marianne Williamson

With self-acceptance, we have the ability to choose compassion and forgiveness over anger and self-hatred. Michelle Cruz

The mistake ninety-nine percent of humanity made, as far as Fats could see, was being ashamed of what they were; lying about it, trying to be somebody else. J.K. Rowling

There are wounds that never show on the body that are deeper and more hurtful than anything that bleeds. Laurell K. Hamilton

Unlike the pattern which seems to prevail in the rest of life, in the human species the weak not only survive but often triumph over the strong. The self-hatred inherent in the weak unlocks energies far more formidable then those mobilized by an ordinary struggle for existence. Eric Hoffer

Remember, you have been criticizing yourself for years and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens. Louise L. Hay

I think human self-hatred may be the great untold story of the millennium. It’s the common thread linking deep ecology and animal rights, the love and money we lavish on pets, the uneasy longing for extraterrestrials to be meddling with us. Annie Gottlieb

I have a list a mile long of faults that sometimes bring me to my knees in self-hatred. Frank Langella

Why are you lying awake, thinking that you’re a terrible person? Rainbow Rowell

I won’t sleep if that’s what it takes to not wake up as myself. Casey Renee Kiser

I think I have a great deal of self-hatred, a profound feeling of fraudulence, of being detestable and evil. It’s only a part of me, but it’s there, and it’s active. Tony Kushner

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Cute Self Hate Quotes

Feeling compassion for ourselves in no way releases us from responsibility for our actions. Rather, it releases us from the self-hatred that prevents us from responding to our life with clarity and balance. Tara Brach

No one starts as a self-hater. But rack up all of your mistakes and take a large enough number of wrong turns in life and soon you stop trying to forgive yourself. Everywhere you look you find shame or failure staring back. André Aciman

I hate people who break their promises, but sometimes I hate myself more for once believed in their sweet words and lies.

I write because there is nothing as joyful as writing, even when the writing is twisted and full of hate, the self-hate that makes writing not only possible but necessary. I hate myself, I hate the people around me, but what I crave is the fulfillment of some ideal. Gary Shteyngart

I suffered from self hatred so much. It’s like I didn’t want to look like that any more. I didn’t to feel like that any more. It had to be another way. Mary J. Blige

We never get to love by hate, least of all by self-hatred. Basil W. Maturin

In my experience, self-hatred is the dominant malaise crippling Christians and stifling their growth in the Holy Spirit. Brennan Manning

We hated pretentiousness; it was a form of self-hatred. Aleksandar Hemon

Try giving up all the thoughts that make you feel bad, or even just some of them, and see how doing that changes your life. You don’t need negative thoughts. All they have ever given you was a false self that suffers. They are all lies. Gina Lake

Self-hatred is worse than loneliness. John Irving

Perhaps the most liberating moment in my life was when I realized that my self-loathing was not a product of my inadequacy but, rather, a product of my thoughts. Vironika Tugaleva

Here’s how my brain works: It’s stupidity, followed by self-hatred, and then further analysis. Louis C. K.

Yes, you made a mistake. You’re human. You don’t have to do it like anyone else does. Fixing it and making amends will help. Self-loathing will not. Reach out to someone we trust–a person who has earned the right to hear our story and who has the capacity to respond with empathy. Brené Brown

At night when you’re asleep, self-hatred’s going to creep in. And you can blame it on the devil, the one who’s bed you sleep in. Ani DiFranco

I felt alone, my loneliness suffocated me, and I craved to scream, shout and kill me while seeing all this. However, self-hatred also occupied me. Shaikh Ashraf

To the people who love you, you are beautiful already. This is not because they’re blind to your shortcomings but because they so clearly see your soul. Your shortcomings then dim by comparison. The people who care about you are willing to let you be imperfect and beautiful, too. Victoria Moran

Self-love is an idolatry. Self-hatred is a tragedy. Elizabeth Hardwick

It took many years of vomiting up all the filth I’d been taught about myself, and half-believed, before I was able to walk on the earth as though I had a right to be here. James Baldwin

There is no such thing as a faithless person; we either have faith in the power of love, or faith in the power of fear. For faith is an aspect of consciousness. Have faith in love, and fear will lose its power over you. Have faith in forgiveness, and your self-hatred will fall away. Have faith in miracles, and they will come to you. Marianne Williamson

Westerners, more than most Asians, are prone to feelings of fear, self-hatred, and unworthiness. Jack Kornfield

If you had a person in your life treating you the way you treat yourself, you would have gotten rid of them a long time ago… Cheri Huber