Some people seek to diagnose me so I diagnose them

Not with a mental disorder but with their true intent.

Some people enjoy viewing my distress

ME enjoy watching 9/11 jumper videos so – voyeurism, I get the fondness for it

ME, Jose Austen, is quite fond of the leaf like stegosaurus.

No one is aware of me but I’m aware of them

I am not aloof, I concentrate on THEM.

But I am not friendly – because THEY are not my friends.

I have no friends aside from imaginary friends

ME play pretend and also play with action figures

ME eat Gerber Baby applesauce

and drink sippy cups of warm milk to get bigger.

ME be watching Arthur and sometimes I watch Clifford

A toddler telling grown-ups I demand, not beg to differ.

Ready to live or die by my Yu-gi-oh cards

I think most people are closeted Frauds.

Am I? That’s for you to judge

But who the fuck are you? Just another person for all of us to judge.




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