33+ Best Dementia Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Dementia is a medical condition that affects especially old people, causing the memory and other mental abilities to gradually become worse, and leading to confused behaviour. Profoundly inspirational dementia quotes will challenge the way you think, and help guide you through any life experience.

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Famous Dementia Quotes

I’ve never minded solitude. For a writer, it’s a natural condition. But caring for a dementia sufferer leads to a peculiar kind of loneliness. — Laurie Graham

I’m one of those who cut off seeing people after a certain time, when the weight is gone and they sound like the dementia is very advanced – I don’t want to see that. I don’t even go in to look at the body. That’s not my last memory. — Bill Cosby

Let’s not let our fear of dementia deepen our fear of dementia. — Bill Crawford

My mother watched her loving husband look at her with blankness or contempt and sometimes hatred. And yet dementia is classed as a social condition, so that the state is not required to pay for long-term residential care. Calling it what it is – brain damage – is too expensive. — Rose George

A large number of elderly people are taking medications that can mimic early dementia and are likely to be classed as having early dementia. — Karen Ritchie

This research is intriguing because it associates genetic risk for dementia with twins’ cognitive deficits, even in the absence of dementia. The differences in cognitive deficits between identical and fraternal twins are also important, suggesting that the twins who were more similar genetically had the greater risk. — Neil Buckholtz

It is estimated that there are around 176,000 Australians living with some form of dementia – almost the total population of the Northern Territory. — Julie Bishop

Dementia is not exclusively a problem of the developed world. — Julie Bishop

None of us wants to be reminded that dementia is random, relentless, and frighteningly common. — Laurie Graham

Dementia is quite unlike cancer or heart disease or any of those other conditions where you bargain with God for a cure or even just a bit more time. — Laurie Graham

This is the first study to show this long-term relationship between physical activity and dementia later in life. — Miia Kivipelto

We recognize on going education for staff is essential. We provide monthly in-services for staff on issues and concerns related to dementia continuing to focus on person centered and resident directed care. We also utilize information on the Internet. There are many sites that have information about new research, preventative measures and early detection of Alzheimer’s disease. — Judy Wheeler

A lot of people have dementia, which is great, because then they don’t recognize me. — Erykah Badu

At 93, so deep in dementia that she didn’t remember any details of her life, my mother somehow still knew songs. — Floyd Skloot

When you take a person with dementia and you put them in a car and drive them for four hours to come for an appointment, they’re not really at their best when you assess them. Some people get more confused or even a bit agitated, — Andrew Kirk

It’s about an elderly couple, and the wife needs the attention of a dementia unit in assisted living. He goes to washing dishes, for the employee discount. But he’s getting old, he shakes, he’s dropping plates, and he’s pleading to his boss to let him keep his job so he can keep his wife in the facility. — Chad Stokes

Literary dementia seems dated now, but there was a time when a month in the funny farm was as de rigueur for budding writers as an M.F.A. is now. To be sent away was a badge of honor; to undergo electroshock, a glorious martyrdom. — Walter Kirn

I am so happy to be part of work we do on behalf of the Alzheimer’s and dementia clients. If I can make one person comfortable and happy, it makes my day. — Michelle Warren

What we’re trying to do is to see whether telehealth is an appropriate way to follow patients with dementia, … The thing about dementia is once you’ve seen the patient and examined the patient neurologically, most of the followup is examining mental status, which we can do over telehealth. Talking to the patient and the family on how things are going and making some changes or suggestions, be it modifications in the environment or medication treatment for some of the behaviours?that works well over telehealth. — Andrew Kirk

My dementia hasn’t just affected me – it’s affected my friends and family, too. — Gerry Anderson

We have to get behind the scientists and push for a dementia breakthrough. It could be that we fear dementia out of a sense of hopelessness, but there is hope, and it rests in the hands of our scientists. — James Nesbitt

Alzheimer’s and dementia patients are like kids. Actually, 5- or 6-year-old kids know more than my mother. A kid can tell you his name, address and phone number; my mom (couldn’t). — Jeff Jordan

It is possible to live well with dementia and write best-sellers ‘like wot I do. — Terry Pratchett

I made this movie for $40,000, which was this little black-and-white horror film called Dementia 13, which we made in about nine days. — Francis Coppola

Seven hundred thousand people who have dementia in this country are not heard. I’m fortunate; I can be heard. Regrettably, it’s amazing how people listen if you stand up in public and give away $1 million for research into the disease, as I have done. — Terry Pratchett

Do you know that Russian girl Dementia or something like that? Her serve is no more powerful than mine. — Elena Dementieva

We have, after all, an ageing population, and dementia is generally a condition of ageing, in that the risk increases with age. — Julie Bishop

We’re not ready to write an exercise prescription for Alzheimer’s or dementia yet. But the results are extremely exciting. — Carl Cotman

His death certificate says he died first of pneumonia and secondly of Alzheimer’s disease. They could have listed another cause of death: a refusal to properly care for dementia sufferers, even when they are violent, and an equal inability to care for their carers. My dad died of dementia, but also because dying was the easiest way to treat him. — Rose George

Dementia was like a truth serum. — Amy Tan

Shakespeare wrote all there is that we need to know about dementia in ‘King Lear. — Simon Callow

Our goal is to have all our staff trained in Alzheimer’s dementia care by the end of 2006. And last but not least, we have an Alzheimer’s Focus Group that meets weekly to discuss new ideas for our person-centered environment on the Unit. — Judy Wheeler

This is the first study to show this long-term relation between physical activity and dementia later in life. — Miia Kivipelto

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