32+ Best Kevin Malone Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Kevin Malone is a fictional character in the American television series The Office. Profoundly inspirational Kevin Malone quotes will brighten up your day and make you feel ready to take on anything.

Famous Kevin Malone Quotes

I do deserve a vacatıon. Sometımes batman’s got to take off hıs cape. – Kevin Malone

The shadier car dealers will make them think they have to accept the new terms. That is where the abuse comes in. You don’t have to accept the new terms. – Kevin Malone

They realize they have to bond together as other players in support of one another, and Barry’s going to do his own thing. But they know that when he does, they win and they all benefit. – Kevin Malone

I want to be wıned and dıned and sıxty-nıned. – Kevin Malone

They have such a strong team chemistry and such a great culture, committed to winning and to the team more than the individual. They can take on a troubled guy or a high-maintenance guy. … They can mold him into shape, and basically protect him from himself. – Kevin Malone

Okay, this is really hard to follow. Can we just say Pete, because that’s the guy Erin’s flirting with? – Kevin Malone

We’ve actually had to pull out the stops and have supervisors working the windows and pull in everyone who can give a drive exam and try to accommodate them. – Kevin Malone

We’re aware of what it means Oscar, you just do not look cool saying it. – Kevin Malone

Me think, why waste time say lot word, when few word do trick. – Kevin Malone

I go to the bathroom for minutes and everything changes. – Kevin Malone

You thınk thıs ıs a great party? Thıs cake has vegetables ın ıt. – Kevin Malone

I don’t think that you understand wheels. – Kevin Malone

We will make sure everyone who shows up will get served. If we need to stay open a little late, we will. – Kevin Malone

Suicide in Ireland is a problem that nobody wants to talk about. Where you’ve got stigma, you get fear and secrecy – it becomes a vacuum, – Kevin Malone

You’re too charactery to be a lead, and you’re not fat enough to be a great character actor. – Kevin Malone

Whenever ı try to make a taco, ı get too excıted and crush ıt. – Kevin Malone

The problem with the No Child Left Behind Act is if a school doesn’t meet a certain criteria, their funding is cut. – Kevin Malone

I got six numbers, one more and it would have been a complete phone number. – Kevin Malone

I am enormously proud of what I did for that turtle. – Kevin Malone

Meredith: If I ever got that bad, you’d tell me right?Kevin: Meredith I tell you all the time. – Kevin Malone

I watched tv for hours. – Kevin Malone

I wanted to eat a pıg ın a blanket, ın a blanket. – Kevin Malone

Mini-cupcakes? As in the mini version of regular cupcakes? Which is already a mini version of cake? Honestly, where does it end with you people? – Kevin Malone

Kevin: He’s a sweet kid Daryl, but he’s not the sharpest guy in the drawer.Pete: Kevin, I can hear you. – Kevin Malone

You can’t eat cats, Kevin. – Kevin Malone

I just want to sıt on the beach and eat hot dogs. That’s all ı’ve ever wanted. – Kevin Malone

The only problem is whenever I try to make a taco, I get too excited and crush it. – Kevin Malone

We show no convictions on file for him. – Kevin Malone

This is a documentary? Ohhhh. I always thought we were like specimens in a human zoo. – Kevin Malone

Do you like it as much as you like men’s butts. – Kevin Malone

I have very lıttle patıence for stupıdıty. – Kevin Malone

You have to be at least to get a license and you have to complete a written log of the dates and the times of your behind the wheel experience. – Kevin Malone

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