87+ EXCLUSIVE Stranger Things Quotes That Define Life

Stranger Things is an American science fiction-horror web television series which is packed with one-liners. Top Stranger Things quotes will remind you of how remarkable life really is.

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Top 10 Stranger Things Quotes

You shouldn’t like things because people tell you you’re supposed to. Jonathan Byers

I don’t care if anyone believes me! Joyce Byers

Nobody normal ever accomplished anything meaningful in this world. Jonathan Byers

most powerful Stranger Things quotes

I am on a curiosity voyage, and I need my paddles to travel. These books are my paddles. I need my paddles! Dustin Henderson

Nothing is gonna go back to the way that it was. Not really. But it’ll get better. In time. Jim Hopper

All living organisms develop defense mechanisms against attack. They adapt. They find some way to survive. Dr. Owens

most famous Stranger Things quotes

It’s like when you have a dream and you can’t remember it unless you think really hard. Will Byers

You act like you’re all alone out there in the world, but you’re not. You’re not alone. Joyce Byers to Jonathan Byers

the best of Stranger Things quotes ever

I’m going to my friends. I’m going home. Eleven

Nancy, seriously, you’re gonna be so cool now, it’s ridiculous. Barb Holland

Best Quotes From Stranger Things

It’s just, sometimes… people don’t really say what they’re really thinking. But when you capture the right moment, it says more. Jonathan Byers

When I become rich and famous for this one day, don’t come crawling back, saying, oh, my God, Dustin, I’m so sorry for being mean to you back in 8th grade. Dustin Henderson

I asked if you wanted to be my friend. And you said yes. You said yes. It was the best thing I’ve ever done. Mike Wheeler

But this girl’s special, you know. It’s just, like, something about her. Dustin Henderson

Dustin: “Do you know anything about sensory deprivation tanks? Specifically how to build one?”
Mr. Clarke: “Sensory deprivation– What is this for?”
Dustin: “…Fun…”

stranger things quotes friends

I know who you are. I know what you’ve done. You took my boy away from me! You left him in that place to die! You faked his death! We had a funeral. We buried him. And now you’re asking for my help? Go to hell. Joyce Byers

It’s called code shut-your-mouth. Erica Sinclair

I love you, and I’m sorry. I’m sorry? The hell am I sorry for? Steve Harrington

She helped just enough so she could get what she wants. Food and a bed. She’s like a stray dog. Lucas Sinclair

If anyone asks where I am, I’ve left the country. Mike Wheeler

stranger things quotes poster sayings

Yeah, that’s right! You better run! She’s our friend and she’s crazy! Dustin Henderson

You know, out of all of my brother’s friends, you’re my favorite. You’ve always been my favorite. Nancy Wheeler

Found it! I knew she was hoarding it. I knew it. Always lying, saying she’s out. Bald-faced liar. Mike, I found the chocolate pudding! Dustin Henderson

There’s nothing simple about it. Nothing simple about anything you’ve told me. Murray Bauman

Why are you keeping this curiosity door locked? Dustin Henderson

stranger things best quotes

I just feel whole, like a piece of me was missing, and now, it’s not. Kali

People don’t spend their lives trying to get a look at what’s behind the curtain. They like the curtain. It provides them stability, comfort, definition. Murray Bauman

I‘m stealthy, like a ninja. Steve Harrington

Mornings are for coffee and contemplation. Jim Hopper

Well, I don’t know who’s been raising you, but I’m gonna get you some new crayons because it looks like he’s shooting cabbages. Joyce Byers

stranger things quotes poster

No, Mike, you give me a break! All three of you were being a bunch of little *sshol*s! I was the only reasonable one. Dustin Henderson

Don’t take it so personally, okay? I don’t like most people. He’s in the vast majority. Jonathan Byers

If we’re both going crazy, then we’ll go crazy together, right? Mike Wheeler to Noah Byers

No. After school, you all go home. Immediately. That means no biking around looking for your friend, no investigating, no nonsense. This isn’t some Lord of the Rings book. Jim Hopper

I like talking with you, MadMax. Lucas Sinclair to Max Mayfield

stranger things quotes

Eleven… okay. Um, well my name’s Mike, short for Michael. How about we call you ‘El’, short for Eleven? Mike Wheeler

All I know is, Will’s alive. Will is alive! He’s out there somewhere. All we have to do is find him. Mike Wheeler

You like these pearls? Dustin Henderson

Oh, uh, yeah. I’m going as a guy who hates parties. Jonathan Byers on Halloween

It’s gonna be okay. Remember, Bob Newby, superhero. Bob Newby

stranger things memorable quotes

Hey, buddy. You put up a good fight. He kicked your a*s, but you put up a good fight. Dustin Henderson to Steve Harrington

Mummies never die, so they tell me. Jim Holden

Will wanted me to give him some space, so I’m giving him a few feet. Joyce Byers

Just curious why all of a sudden you look like some MTV punk. Hopper

Iconic Stranger Things Quotes

We never would’ve upset you if we knew you had superpowers. Dustin Henderson

Friends don’t lie. Eleven

Do you wanna be normal? Do you wanna be just like everyone else? Being a freak is the best. I’m a freak! Jonathan

Something’s coming. Something hungry for blood. A shadow grows on the wall behind you, swallowing you in darkness. It is almost here. Mike Wheeler

stranger things quotes should I stay

Stop stalking me. Max

No, El, you’re not the monster. You saved me. Do you understand? You saved me. Mike Wheeler to Eleven

That’s how you do it Hawkins, that’s how you do it! Billy Hargrove

Sometimes, your total obliviousness just blows my mind. Dustin Henderson

I don’t think my parents ever loved each other. My mom was young. My dad was older, but he had a cushy job, money, came from a good family. So, they bought a nice house at the end of the cul-de-sac… and started their nuclear family. Screw that. Nancy Wheeler

amazing stranger things quotes

First of all, it’s a wrist rocket. Lucas Sinclair

Science is neat, but I‘m afraid it‘s not very forgiving. Mr. Clarke

Did you ever think maybe Will went missing because he ran into something bad? And we’re going to the exact same spot where he was last seen? And we have no weapons or anything? Dustin Henderson

Something is going on here! Joyce Byers

Whatever this thing is, it’s not traveling far. Dustin Henderson

If you don’t mind, for the sake of your poor old dad, keep the door open three inches. Jim Hopper

stranger things quotes about mornings

I don’t want you to get hurt at all. And I don’t want to lose you. Just make sure you heat up some real food. Not just Eggos. Jim Hopper to Eleven

We’re talking about the destruction of our world as we know it. Lucas Sinclair

Steve: “How do you know it’s not just a lizard?”
Dustin: “Because his face opened up and he ate my cat!”

Donald. I’ve been here ten years, right? Have I ever called in sick or missed a shift once? I’ve worked Christmas Eve and Thanksgiving. I don’t know where my boy is. He’s gone. I don’t know if I’m gonna ever see him again, if he’s hurt… I need this phone and two weeks’ advance. And a pack of Camels. Nancy Wheeler

How many children are you friends with? Robin Buckley

top stranger things quotes

I felt this evil like it was looking at me. Will Byers

I never gave up on you. I called you every night. Mike Wheeler

She will not be able to resist these pearls. Dustin Henderson

You’re gonna slay ’em dead. Steve

Dustin: “You’re going to take out the demigorgon with a slingshot?”
Lucas: “First of all, it’s a wrist-rocket.”

You’re just not nimble enough, but you’ll get there someday. Lucas Sinclair

inspiring stranger things quotes

Are you deaf? I thought we were friends, you know? But friends tell each other the truth. And they definitely don’t lie to each other. You made me think that Will was okay; that he was still out there but he wasn’t! He wasn’t. Maybe you thought you were helping but you weren’t. You hurt me, do you understand? Mike Wheeler

You know what this half-baked plan of yours sounds like to me? Child endangerment. Erica

So, Jonathan, how was the pull-out? Murray Bauman

Eleven, Doc Owens. Doc Owens, Eleven. She’s been staying with me for about a year and she’s about to save our asses. Maybe when this is all said and done, maybe you could help her out, too, you know? Maybe you could help her lead, like, a normal life. One where she’s not poked and prodded and treated like some kind of lab rat, you know? I don’t know, just a thought. But, think about it. Jim Holden

Now that you’re out of high school, which means you’re technically an adult, don’t you think it’s time you move on from primitive constructs such as popularity? Dustin

Yeah? And I want a date with Bo Derek. We all want things. Jim Hopper

Stranger Things Captions

I’m chill. Barb Holland

Once you open up that curiosity door, anything is possible. Mr Clarke

I am going to bring him home! Joyce Byers

Make mistakes, learn from them, and when life hurts you (because it will), remember the hurt. The hurt is good. It means you’re out of that cave. Hopper

I always thought stuff like this happened in movies and comic books. Bob Newby

Ask for forgiveness, not permission. Nancy

If you believe in this story… Finish it. Mrs Wheeler

There’s more to life than stupid boys, you know. Max

Yeah, the real world sucks, deal with it like the rest of us. Jonathan

You’re now faced with the same choice, Jane: go back into hiding and hope they don’t find you, or fight, and face them again. Kali Prasad

You keep trying things on until something feels like you. Max

You can’t spell America without Erica. Erica

C-O-M-promise. Compromise? How ’bout that’s your word for the day, yeah? It’s something that’s kinda in-between, something like… half-way happy. Jim Hopper

Use the shampoo and conditioner and when your hair’s damp, not wet, okay? When it’s damp, you do four puffs of the Farrah Fawcett spray. Steve

Some Stranger Things Facts

  • Why is stranger things called Stranger things?
    The show was originally supposed to be based in Montauk. They later came up with the name “Stranger Things,” in part because it sounded like the Stephen King novel, “Needful Things.
  • How old are the Duffer brothers?
    The Duffer Brothers. Matt Duffer and Ross Duffer (both born February 15, 1984)
  • Who plays Nancy in Stranger things?
    Natalia Danielle Dyer (born January 13, 1995) is an American actress. 

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